Is Counselling for You

Counselling is a place that is created between you and a Counsellor that encourages emotional exploration. This environment is supported by self-care and self-awareness.

Every person is unique so we would spend time getting to know each other and finding the best ways to work together. Becoming comfortable and confident enough to share difficult and often unknown parts of ourselves.

We can have blocks within us, which prevent free flow of our natural liveliness. Counselling seeks to create awareness of these blocks and explore how they may be resolved so that our authentic self may emerge. Enabling you to live more harmoniously most importantly with yourself and people and your surrounding environment.

The Gestalt approach has been applied with success to all types of therapy, with individuals, couples, groups and teams within the business environment. It is about making contact with you in an authentic way, working through emotionally charged material, and assisting you to fully integrate your life experiences. Finding ways to live life in a meaningful way. 

I welcome people of all cultures, religions and gender orientations.

It was great to work with Rebecca. I felt safe and understood throughout our Counselling sessions. I decided it would be beneficial to bring my partner into the sessions as we were struggling to connect and create intimacy within our relationships. In a relatively short amount of time we were able to find our way back to each other and achieve our therapy goals. Our relationship continues to be strong and connected. I HIGHLY recommend Rebecca as a sensitive and skilled professional to help you work through any life obstacles

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