Counselling can take many forms, from personal dialogue in a private setting through to groups working together to effect change interactively. Look through the different types of services to see what would be best for your needs.

Talk while we walk Therapy.

This is a valuable alternative to sitting therapy, (face to face) as it can lead to easier conversation. Walking therapy can work for couples too.

Wellbeing for Family or Groups

Find Solutions that Create a Healthy Working Environment Your organisation may be going through changes or times of high stress. Perhaps you are the leader trying to keep everyone in the game. A wellbeing educator can help and support your team to be emotionally and psychologically prepared for the task. There are many types of …

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Pet Loss Counselling

Have You Lost a Pet? Saying goodbye hurts. When you lose a pet, or your pet is terminally ill, you might feel overwhelmed, scared, confused or helpless. Talking to someone who appreciates your loss can make a world of difference. It can help you to say goodbye with compassion and to bring you a sense …

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Workplace Wellbeing

Give your community the extra Oomph they need to be resilience. Emotional Intelligence Coach Your health and your relationships with others are intertwined and bring challenges to your workplace wellbeing. We’ve probably all experienced a time when we’ve been the target of someone’s frustration when they’ve really just got a few stresses going on that …

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One on One Counselling

Programmes to support your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Mental & Emotional Health Throughout life we have all developed behaviours and ways of thinking to help us manage with situations we may be facing. Over time these may develop into habits- even when we’re no longer faced with the situation from which they came …

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