Group work – Restorative justice

Group work – Restorative justice

Wellbeing Mediation for Families and Groups

Find solutions that create a healthy living/working environment

Your family or work team may be going through changes or times of stress. Perhaps you are the leader trying to keep everyone in the game. A Wellbeing Counsellor can support your team to be emotionally and psychologically prepared for the task. There are many types of situations you may be facing. Common health and emotional issues can prevent your team from achieving their best.

Restorative Justice is available to resolve conflict or unravel break downs. Giving everyone a voice to express their experience and an approach to understand and respond to difficult situations. Restorative justice focuses on repairing the harm inflicted on people, relationships, and communities, and on giving those directly affected by the opportunity to determine what that repair will look like.

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