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Welcome to Counselling, this is a place where together we can create an opportunity for you to gain insights and make a difference to your life. Counselling can be a challenging journey though usually very rewarding.

I want you to complete the Information Form which you can access using the button below. Before you do so there are some important notes that I want you to read.


Please be assured that all sessions are confidential and anything that is said between us is kept private and the notes on the sessions are secured in a confidential manner. The only exception to complete confidentiality is my professional duty of care to report any intent of harm to yourself or others, including suicidal or homicidal intent.

I discuss my work with my supervisor, this is a standard practice and helps me to work as best as I can with you. Also I can be required by a court of law to give evidence, and provide information from our sessions. This would only happen after due consultation with my supervisor and yourself.

Data security

There is no collection or storage of any client information on this website. You will be transferred to a secure server to complete the information form. All information you enter is secured in transit and after you complete the form your data is stored securely, with the server in a locked facility.


Please pay before or on the day of your session by either cash or direct debit, when paying online please include the date of the session and your name.

Account details : 15397 1007 3118 00

At times you may not feel like attending your scheduled session however these can often be rich experiences, when significant changes can occur. Please make a commitment to attend all scheduled sessions.


If you are unable to attend your session please advise me as early as possible. A full consultation fee is charged for sessions that are missed or cancelled with less than 24hrs notice.

May this process enrich your life.

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