Good supervision occurs in a warm and encouraging environment based on a relationship of trust and transparency. It becomes a space where, through exploration and understanding, we can learn more about ourselves. Taking supervision is a form of experiential learning, of being in the present, of deep listening. It provides an opportunity to disentangle yourself from your expectations, discover what boundaries need to be set and gain insight about your responses.

Supervision is a compassionate inquiry which opens our hearts and minds, being a way of reviewing our habitual ways of thinking, judging and our reality. Creating opportunities to waken us to what we are doing, by holding it up to the light. Making sense of what happened, from a number of perspectives, allowing us to understand, learn, and have the opportunity to choose how we respond. Working through supervision encourages us to become aware of our own drivers, and to let go of old and stuck ways of thinking and behaving. Offering a regular pause for reflection opens us up to new possibilities, becoming creative, with a wider lens of trust and compassion.

I am passionate about providing the best outcome for people, believing that supervision reveals our own potential. Creating an environment together to explore the impact of your work, by supporting your development towards trusting your own strengths and capabilities while creating space for personal reflection. A place where you can review and reflect on your work and learn from your experience. I draw on a range of modalities and experiences to support your personal growth and your confidence, energy and compassion as a professional.

Most of all, I believe supervision is collaborative. Building together a supportive, safe relationship that makes space for you to explore challenging areas of work such as ethical dilemmas, unconscious bias, complex responses to your work. Along the way, you can become more skilled, insightful, creative and more beneficial to those you work with.

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