Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

Give your community the extra Oomph they need to be resilience.

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Your health and your relationships with others are intertwined and bring challenges to your workplace wellbeing. We’ve probably all experienced a time when we’ve been the target of someone’s frustration when they’ve really just got a few stresses going on that have nothing to do with us. If it’s us that are the one’s dealing with a few personal matters, it may not just adversely affect our performance, but also the performance of our colleagues, staff, and even family.

There are lots of tools and techniques to help you to identify and appreciate where others are coming from, and respond in a more appropriate way. Where we differ here is that instead of looking at the outward superficial behaviours we and others present to the world, and consciously adapting our behaviour, we focus on finding the mindsets which drive these. Identifying these gives us the opportunity to be responsible and look after ourselves as we are interacting with others.

Restorative justice creates lasting change which results in a much more intuitive way of dealing with each other, so you have the language and the know how to make a difference to your relationships.

Wholistic health coach

Do you have key members of staff who want to be at the top of their game?

As a Wholistic health coach, working on or off site, with individuals or groups, will bring your workplace wellbeing to its best.

We can work intensively with individuals on your team or many individuals more casually. We have the flexibility to arrange the right level of support for your needs- whether you require a more intense short burst period, or a lighter arrangement with regular monthly appointments with each individual or group to check in.

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